The longest serving independent UK based Interventionist Bill Stevens  is a C.I.P. (Certified Intervention Professional) operating out of Manchester. Founder of the and Bill provides ethical independent intervention support mainly in the UK, yet has also worked across europe and Asia. Bill brings a long and varied experience to interventions, comfortable with the Johnson, ARISE, Systemic, CRAFT and ACT intervention methods. Bill understands that crafting a successful intervention approach to each unique family situation is far from one model fits all. This personal meticulous and flexible approach continues to maintain incredible success.

With over  20 years professional experience of specialist addiction therapy in the UK Bill is well placed to manage complex family interventions. With an extensive professional network,  connections and knowledge available the right support and care management options are readily available.

Bill has provided training to numerous organisations and groups, encouraging professional standards and ongoing development to enhance all aspects of Family Interventions.

Expertise is of course essential, yet without passion, belief and purpose, can be quite ineffective. Bill has a simple heartfelt approach to addiction issues in any form. “Can we move out of active addiction and into active recovery sooner rather than later, ending suffering where we can”.

Bill starts your intervention with a free telephone assessment and support session where an Intervention care plan and process starts. Call now on UK +44 800 530 0012 or Bill Stevens mobile +44 7789 480286