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Genna Gottschalk

Genna Gottschalk

Chemical Dependency Interventions

Office: (646) 445-9299

Genna Gottschalk has worked with in the field of addiction and mental health services since 2017. Genna is an ARISE trained Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), and member of the Association of Intervention Specialist (AIS). She is currently pursuing a MSW at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College in New York City.

Genna approaches each client with whom she engages on a person-to-person basis, recognizing that the needs of the family and their loved one are truly distinct and require a specialized course of action. She engages the loved one with compassion and respect, and supports them and their families in every step of the process.

Genna has experience in working with individuals of all ages. She has worked with clients who represent a variety of addiction and mental health issues. This has given her a working knowledge of how to reach clients who are struggling with a wide range of diagnosis and maladaptive behaviors.