Anthony has worked as a clinician in the mental health/addictions field for 15+ yrs. He has worked directly with clients and families in different service models such as Outpatient Care and Residential Treatment. Anthony has been responsible for operating treatment programs for some of the nation’s top treatment providers. Anthony is familiar with all aspects of the treatment experience, from Intervention work to post-treatment services that are designed to help individuals sustain long-term recovery. These experiences have allowed Anthony to build relationships with treatment centers across the country and his clinical training helps him accurately identify treatment services that match an individual’s afflictions, such as addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Training and Credentials: Anthony is trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a Certified Intervention Professional.

Intervention Style: Anthony is a trained clinician that uses a diverse approach to meet the needs of his clients. Anthony always facilitates an Intervention using a Family Dynamic approach, but can structure the process using either Johnson or Arise models. Anthony is committed to serving his clients with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Types of Interventions: Drug/Alcohol, Mental Health, Gambling, Sex, Eating Disorders, Phobias.