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Jamie Eater

Sober Escorts, Inc.

1187 SE 65th Circle Ocala FL 34472 US

Office: (352) 236-0127
Cell: (352) 615-2059

Jamie Eater came into the field of addictions and recovery 18+ years ago after spending her 20’s globe-hopping in various sales & management jobs. She has always believed in hard work, honesty, love, passion, purpose, and laughter – sometimes in that order, sometimes not. She lives to create whatever come to her mind; whether it’s the perfect pairing of companion to client, fantastic flavors in the kitchen, or aromatic bath scrubs for herself and her friends.

Jamie graduated with her Masters Degree in Social Work May 1998 from the University of Central Florida, Orlando. She began her career in the field of Addictions & Mental Wellness at Savannah’s Hospital, a private psychiatric hospital, in Port St. Lucie, Florida one month after graduation. Jamie was afforded many learning opportunities working as a Social Worker on a locked dual diagnosis unit. She worked hand in hand with the psychiatric and medical teams. She learned crisis intervention and the importance of gaining her client’s trust and respect. As her areas of interest became more focused on chemical and process addictions, Jamie moved in 2001 to Hanley Hazelden in West Palm Beach, Florida to work as a Clinical Case Manager assisting clients with both the admission and discharge process. Jamie was with Hanley for three years when she was called to work as a Primary Therapist at The Refuge-A Healing Place in Ocklawaha, Florida in January 2004. From there, everything changed. In the last 11 years, Jamie has been afforded the opportunity to work and train with some of the brightest most outstanding leaders in the fields of addiction, trauma treatment, and mental health. In addition to her degree, she holds certifications as: Addictions Professional (CAP), Intervention Professional, (CIP), and Trauma Therapist (CTT). She has trained in trance breath work, EMDR, DBT, and hypnosis, to name a few. She sits on the board of the Association of Intervention Specialists as their Program Director, and has been a part of Sober Escorts, Inc. since its beginning. She came full time to Sober Escorts as Vice President and Clinical Director in March 2012. Today, Jamie spends the majority of her time on the phone or in the air.

Sober Escorts, Inc.’s new Segue program is her current passion, as she believes greatly in the power of healing and in people’s innate abilities to change when they have the support