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Robert E Lemoine | AIS

Robert E Lemoine

Lemoine Interventions

Office: (386) 846-6672

Robert (Bob) Lemoine is a Certified Intervention Professional, Addiction Educator, Drug Court Counselor and Family Consultant, the founder of Lemoine Interventions.  Bob holds a number of college degrees from the business acumen and has recently been awarded a designation as a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) by the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB) and can practice in both Canada and the United States. In addition Bob is putting together requirements for Certification as a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC). Bob’s penchant for helping others is a basis for his Heart 2 Heart tag. With more than 36 years in recovery, Bob is well versed for the treatment of addiction and alcoholism because he has been there. In the past year, Bob has been focusing on intervention trainings and seminars internationally to enrich his focus on the behavioral health community, and to raise the bar of the quality of treatment for those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders.

Education and Professional Affiliations:

PCB / CIP – Pennsylvania Certification Board – Certified Intervention Professional

AIS – Association of Intervention Specialists (Full Member)

A.S. Social Science

A.S. Computer Science

B.A. Business Management

M.A. Organizational Management

Professional Background:

Mr. Lemoine draws from his skills and education background in the field of Management and Social Studies as well as 40 years of professional work experience and his own personal involvement in recovery for over 36 years.

Bob believes in many treatment approaches; and, being professionally mentored by Patricia Pike (CANAM Interventions), is learning the skills of modalities such as: the Disease Model, the Solution-Focused Therapy Model, Model of Change, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Surprise & Family Systemic Intervention Approaches, with the goal directed towards treating the whole family.

Mr. Lemoine, belief and passion comes from his interaction with people of all walks of life. Mr. Lemoine believes that the healing takes place when the client and family are involved. He has the passion to helping the client get their life back on track; and, to help them heal their life.