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Jay Webb | AIS

Jay Webb

First Step Addiction Consultants, LLC

Office (630) 202–0726

Jay is a PCB Certified Interventionist that believes long term recovery from addiction can be a gateway to an incredible, creative, and productive life!
Jay is the founder and CEO of FSAP which offers several recovery related services both in Illinois and throughout the country.

  • Professional Intervention
  • Treatment Placement Consulting
  • Safe Sober Transportation
  • 24/7 Sober Companion Services
  • Family Recovery Support

As an Interventionist, Jay will identify the issues, introduce a proactive plan, with the steps required to unite families and friends to encourage change in their loved one. Jay’s compassion and empathy for the client and the ability to layout a positive path for success, that allows him to fend off any notion of attempting recovery alone.

Jay understands what it takes, having recovered from years chained to his own addiction, unable to hit the “OFF” switch on his own. Miraculously he found his way into several life changing programs and is now, professionally trained, he shares his gift to motivate individuals to seek help for their own addiction and to realize that “WE DO RECOVER!”