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Jacob Hardt


Evolve Intervention and Recovery Services

Office: (347) 266-8811

Jacob Hardt is a skilled interventionist with a track record of success. Despite his edgy look, Jacob takes a gentle approach to intervention and coaching.  His client-focused method combines modern intervention techniques with his unique experiences to develop meaningful connections with clients. Building trust and openness facilitates conversation, ultimately leading clients to a willingness to engage in recovery. He works with individuals from all walks of life, specializing in opiate and methamphetamine addiction, and is often invited to advise on cases involving particularly difficult-to-reach clients, such as those dealing with drug psychosis or complex trauma.

Based out of New York City, Jacob regularly assists individuals in minority or underrepresented communities. He is affiliated with The Center, an outpatient program with a focus on meth addiction in the LGBT community and has developed a unique peer support group designed to provide professional coaching in a less clinical setting. He is also a frequent speaker at support meetings and community events.

Jacob’s recovery philosophy developed from his personal life experience. Challenging early family life and exposure to drugs at a young age kept him from a traditional childhood. He attended his first AA meeting as a teenager and was in and out of recovery centers several times himself. But this difficult start provided the drive to pursue a career assisting others in their own struggles against addiction. The unconditional kindness and support offered to him by the community not only planted the seeds of hope that were vital to his successful recovery but also grew into the core concept of his approach to recovery as an interventionist and coach. Jacob focuses on building a solid support network in a non-judgmental setting for clients at both the intervention itself and during ongoing aftercare.

Jacob’s life has taught him that “failure” is not a helpful word in recovery, something he is often heard telling his clients. Every day spent working on recovery matters, building layer by layer the skills an individual needs to cope with, and eventually overcome, addiction. Recovery is a life-long process, and though relapse and setbacks can happen, they also provide an opportunity for introspection and insight into what works, or doesn’t work, for that individual. Clients with a history of relapse may feel plagued with hopelessness, but every case has a solution. Every client is unique, and developing a personalized approach for each person is critical in providing effective assistance to anyone, adjusting to their specific needs and circumstances.

Jacob is certified in the Break Free Model of Intervention and works as a Recovery Coach and Certified Recovery Peer Advocate.  He is passionate about preventing death by suicide or overdose and has worked to spread awareness through outreach, including co-hosting After the Loss, a conference on grief and trauma.

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New York

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Evolve Intervention and Recovery Services


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Brooklyn, NY

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Substance Use Disorders 

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