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Carey Davidson


1717 East Bell Rd Ste. 2 Phoenix AZ 85258 US

Office: (888) 405-3121
Cell: (602) 606-2995

My focus is working with people that care about someone struggling with an addiction. I am a veteran of 15 years in the corporate world  in television advertising world.  I hold a Masters degrees specialized in Addiction Counseling, am a Board Registered Interventionist Level-II as well as an Internationally Certified Drug, Alcohol and Addictions Counselor. Highly trained and educated in the addiction field, I am also in recovery myself with over a decade of sobriety after 16 years of chronic relapsing.  I am dedicated to facilitating interventions because it works. Help is not only for the person struggling with the addiction, but for all those who care about someone that deserve healing. I bring understanding, compassion and first hand experience around addiction and recovery from it.


Masters degree in addiction counseling (MAC) from hazelden graduate school of addiction studies. Internationally certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor (ICAADC) board registered interventionist level 2 bri-ii  board member of arizona board of certification for addiction counselors

Style of Intervention

I am focused on intervention work and have been trained in all models of intervention. My style is a  blend the best elements of the models of  intervention based upon the unique situation of all those I work with:

  • The ARISE Intervention Model involves family members in a collaborative intervention process that reduces guilt and blame and allows the family, interventionist, and dependent person to stay focused on helping the addict get into treatment.
  • The JOHNSON Intervention Model raises the bottom for an addict, by compassionately confronting the addict with the consequences of their addiction. The bottom is raised by precipitating a crisis in the addict’s life that is not threatening, damaging, or fatal and compels them into treatment.
  • The SYSTEMIC Intervention Model as an alternative to traditional confrontational intervention models because family, friends, and colleagues form a team to work with the dependent person and address the issues in a loving and respectful manner. It is a successful system precisely because the focus is on patient, but firm, coaching instead of negative confrontation.

I provide Interventions for families whose loved ones are struggling with:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug Addiction
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Eating Disorders
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Executive
  • Process Addictions
  • Gambling

Intervention ASAP receives no compensation or payment from providers we work with for placement or referrals; we are independent advocates for families and their loved ones. In addition, we visit all facilities we recommend.