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Brian Woodside

Intervention Life

Wellington, Florida 33470 US

Office: (703) 915-8079

Primary Services:

TELEHEALTH (Telecommunication Technology) and IN-PERSON Intervention and Counseling work – Bridging the future and humbly developing solutions that work for each unique situation.

Brian Woodside is the founder and CEO of Intervention Life.

Can. Will. Live!

Brian is affiliated with or having achieved the following:

  • Recovering Person of a decade (+) of time
  • Full Member of the Association of Intervention Specialists
  • CIP – Certified Intervention Professional
  • ICADC – IC&RC – Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • CAC – Certified Addictions Counselor
  • CRSS – Certified Recovery Support Specialist
  • CET – Certified E-therapist
  • Intervention Life, LLC (Founder and CEO)
  • Decade long career as a Professional Admissions Counselor to Admissions Director of a multiple decade old renowned Healthcare Organization for Dual Diagnosis / Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program(s) which provided every level and continuum of care
  • Affordable Intervention Act

Brian’s earlier years of Life included, but NOT limited to:

  • Multiple years of Technical / Technology Training (MCSE, MCSDBA, etc.) and a vast employment history thereof
  • Multiple years of Financial Markets and Training (Series 7, 63, etc.) and a vast employment history thereof
  • CDL, (Class A, HazMat, Tanker, Environmental Remediation, Heavy Equipment, etc.) and employment history thereof
  • Blue Collar – to sum it up – Jack of ALL Trades – while trying to define a path for himself and survive life’s barrage of challenges and a vast employment history thereof

Brian offers services that have a supported a Peace of Mind concept due to Vast Experience, Credentialing, Insured Professional, Affordability, and Flexibility

  • Some of the offered fields of Brian’s Expertise are as follows:
  • TELEHEALTH / In-Person — Professional Intervention
  • TELEHEALTH / In-Person — Addictions Counseling
  • TELEHEALTH / In-Person — Recovery Support Specialist / Coaching
  • TELEHEALTH / In-Person — Case Management / Wrap Around Services
  • TELEHEALTH / In-Person — Assessments / Evaluations / Treatment Placement
  • TELEHEALTH / In-Person — Sober Companion / Monitoring / Relapse Prevention
  • In-Person — Sober Escort / Court Liaison

Intervention Platform: In-Person and Telehealth or Telecommunication Technologies based sessions for constructing and conducting an Intervention or Counseling wherever possible should the need and capability arise through the Guidance of an Experienced Professional Interventionist such as Brian Woodside or an appropriate referral.

Types of Interventions: Dual Diagnosis, Substance Use Disorders, Trauma, and Family-Focused are primary. Will help make appropriate referrals when an Intervention is shown to be out of the scope of his or his staff’s expertise. Let’s explore what the core issues really are. Intervention Life was established to communicate an individual’s Life issues and find the correct individual path of resolve for those willing and NOT willing to work on themselves.

Intervention Style: Systemic Family model, Johnson model, Arise model. He will use a combination of Intervention models and therapeutic techniques when and where appropriate to be most effective for the individual and the family to achieve stated goals.

One Small Act of Hope Can Have Enormous Influence!

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders ARE Treatable illnesses!

Don’t give up, pick up your Telecommunication Technology device called a “phone” and call Intervention Life for Help Now!

Brian’s professional accomplishments have included over a decade of dedicated compassion to answer the call for help. He has taken well over 250,000 calls for help and has counseled and intervened on 1,000’s of people personally and has placed 1,000’s of people into treatment. An extreme amount of this work was based on some form of Telehealth / Virtual / Online / Remote / Distance / Telecommunication Technology interaction(s), which may or may not have resulted in actually having to end up in being an “In-Person” Intervention for the Family and identified loved one(s) to receive the services and help they needed. He can help you resolve or point you in the right direction to resolve, the issues that keep the negative patterns that are stuck in the identified loved one(s) life or the lives of the family, friends, and associates.

Brian’s goal is to reach and ethically help as many people as possible. One of his beliefs is that a Telehealth Platform of constructing or conducting an Intervention and/or Counseling guidance will help touch as many people and living rooms as possible! Not to mention the In-Person Intervention and the different models of and Intervention strategies are always available based upon the needs of the family and the identified loved one(s). Support of the appropriate kind will always be available where and when the need arises, and obligations are met. He will help you and your families do the heavy lifting you need to do to move out of the patterns and pitfalls you find yourselves in and move your identified loved one(s) into the appropriate treatment setting they so desperately need.

Brian has worked with all dynamics of a family system as well as working in a one on one capacity with all types of people, cultures, ethnicity, race, age, gender and so forth. He will tirelessly help to find the right professional if that is not himself. Disaster works fast; Recovery takes time! He will help you balance the risks and benefits. He will create a plan that is right and achievable for all. There is no one size fits all Intervention or Intervention Model; the way forward for recovery and success is built on the infinite process of stringing together ALL of the LITTLE ACHIEVEMENTS!

Believe it or not, a Healthy routine (one of the hardest things for most in Recovery to create and he can help there too) is possible for those that are willing to walk through their fears and do the work of getting unstuck. Can’t is Can and Won’t is Will which equals Freedom and a Life worth living!!

Given the outlay of work and projection for healthy change as defined by the pre-intervention process, by using a Telehealth / Virtual / Online / Remote / Distance / Telecommunication Technology otherwise referred to here as TELEHEALTH, we can interject more sessions to support the needs of all participants in a family system, extended system of friends, coworkers, employers, lawyers, courts and so forth. It will allow for more appropriate and flexible scheduling and sessions that concentrate on the core issues and people involved. More in-depth and frequent sessions should better expose the changes that are needed to take place. It should present the collateral information of who can and will support the implementation of the expected changes and if and when called for, the consequences or ultimatums. It will provide for a far more competent plan and education process to drive a more ethical, thorough, safe, healthy and effective Intervention. You never know how, who, what, where or when an opportunity for intervention will present itself and possibly create the tipping point for the identified loved one(s), family, etc.

Brian wants people to know that he believes, that for the most part we are all tied to our situations through our emotions. Our emotions, (sometimes lack thereof) are something we all have in common even though the details and specifics are unique for each one of us. We intervene on these emotions, fears, judgments, demands and so forth and place accountability processes into play to give boundaries and structure to all involved. It is not a time for judgment as that is not the role bestowed upon anyone of us. This is a medical disease and we are here to attempt to heal all that are afflicted and willing to participate in the process. Once you regain the ability, health, and tools to take healthy control of your emotions and perceptions, anything is possible. This is achieved through Intervention and Treatment. It all simplifies down to concentrate on your efforts over the outcomes.

Brian’s belief is that the successful Intervention should be able to withstand the treatment episode in most cases, certainly long enough for the Identified loved one(s) to begin to receive the additional support and benefits of so many other professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Nutritionists, Fitness professionals, Meditation, Spiritual or Religious outlets (Mind, Body, Spirit), Mental and Behavioral Health Technicians (who can be some of the most influential staff) not to mention their PEERS, support groups and so forth, that now become an additional and professional support structure to the identified loved one(s) and the immediate family. The family is NO LONGER ALONE in this process forward. The professionals now have the ability to influence the change that only they can provide. All the while, the family and the Intervention process is keeping that Identified Loved One(s) in place, IN TREATMENT! Staying in touch with the Intervention team for the upcoming stages of the Treatment and Recovery process will offer additional support for everyone involved should the family elect to hire the support of the Intervention team to continue the monitoring and guidance. If you have made it to this point of a call for help than you know that there are no guarantees in regard to this disease but be crystal clear right now that focused and committed efforts and energy matter to create the change you are seeking!

Brian has made Intervention and Counseling his Life’s Work as it is the Story of the Needs of His Own Life. He is a perfectly imperfect individual, yet all the while Professional and knows when self-reflection is needed in the right situations ONLY, to help move the identified loved one(s) or the family into position. He has had to walk through the pain and suffering of Life’s Burdens and has learned that Recovery is the Continuous Benefit for doing so. He has also battled mental health and addiction personally as it processed throughout his genetic family tree, peer groups and the learned behavioral patterns picked up by those he was surrounded by. He has lived along the line of trying not to wake up in the morning or at all; to this is all that wakes him up in the morning due to learning that self-preservation leads to the successes he has in his life now and how he has a free will of choice and perception in regard to the path(s) he puts himself on. In essence, once you learn to take care of yourself, only then will you truly be able to take care of everyone and everything else around you.

Brian has always worked with passion, heart and focus whether it be on the negative things and phases he went through or all of the positive efforts he pursued and endured. He feels he is in the middle of his life, at least he hopes. During the stages of evolving his life, he had first worked with his hands (building things), he had worked with his mind (knowledge of gaining applicable wisdom) and he is finally in a field and place where he is fully working with the throughput of his Heart (Passion and Compassion, and so much more), helping others to overcome the emotions and situations that have gotten them stuck and are possibly endangering everyone!