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Adam Banks

Adam Banks

Adam Banks Recovery

39 West 29th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Office: (646) 924-9992

Conducting successful interventions is my life’s work. After two successful careers, focusing on helping people live at their best is my very cherished third career . I started my professional life as an airline pilot for a major US airline. I chose to leave this career to focus more energy on consuming drugs and alcohol in the party scene of New York City. In my early 30’s I began my recovery journey; first trying a cold-turkey approach, followed by the 12-steps, and finally rehab. Sobriety revealed a life full of opportunities that I was blind to when I was an active user. After getting sober, I went back to school to successfully pursue an MBA from the University of Chicago, adopted two children and formed a family, and founded a healthcare company that was acquired by a major health insurance company.

Modern interventions are a supportive process and not a one-off event. An intervention can be a positive and healing experience for the family, friends and person of concern. I will help your loved one choose to make a change in their life and help family and friends support this change over time.

Successful and long-term recovery engages family and friends to support the individual in a new way. Working together, we will create a plan for action—before the intervention, during the intervention, and after the intervention.

These interventions are non-confrontational. The person of concern is invited to attend. There are no surprise meetings and confrontations, or black town cars pulling up to take the individual away forcefully. During an intervention, the family offers loving support and a plan is agreed to for change. By shifting the family to a supportive role with positive interactions, shame and guilt are removed and the person of concern will feel supported though their recovery.

Working with the family continues after an intervention, putting plans in place for after-care. In order for recovery to stick, the affected person can’t return to the exact same situation. Just as we evaluate treatment centers before the intervention, we’ll evaluate plans for aftercare to support recovery long-term.

Working in recovery is my life’s work. Day in and day out I enjoy helping people to choose to enter into recovery. I have helped hundreds of people transition from full-blown addiction to successful recovery, improving their personal lives and professional lives in a matter of weeks.

Intervention Styles and Trainings:

BreakFree Interventionist

ARISE Comprehensive Care and Invitational Intervention

Certified Family-Focused Intervention


Certified Intervention Professional – CIP

Certified Addiction Recovery Coach – CARC

Masters of Business Administration – MBA

FAA Airline Transport Pilot – ATP