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Lori Leonard



Lori has worked in the field of substance abuse and mental health for over 17 years including prevention, research, treatment, and now intervention.  Lori is Co-founder of Hope Interventions in Austin, Texas.  Now Lori exclusively dedicates her time to helping families through the process of intervention and by providing family training and family recovery coaching to those family members who have a loved one in recovery.


Bachelor degree in Social Work  and Psychology, TCU 1994

Master Degree in Social Work, New Mexico State University 2003

Certified Intervention Professional CIP

Various intervention traninings

Style of Intervention

Lori believes that every family is in some way unique and based on their strengths, desires, and history each intervention should be individualized to fit the family and client’s needs.  Each intervention should be conducted in the most loving and respectful manner possible.  For these reasons most of Lori’s interventions use a hybrid model taking pieces from various models such as the Johnson, Family Systemic, and Invitational models.  Lori emphasis is on the family, training them and holding them accountable.  Without the family solidly behind the intervention and engaging in the process of change and recovery themselves, an intervention or recovery will not  and can not be successful.

Lori also believes that as in treatment interventionists should work as a team.  That it is necessary to receive on-going supervision, consultation and to collaborate.  What sets Lori apart from many interventionist is that she works with another Master Level Clinician to perform most interventions.  This provides for more support and she believes a higher success rate.

Types of Interventions Offered

Substance abuse, Eating disorders, Love/Sex Addiction, other process addictions

Geographical Locations

Texas and national

Other Services Offered

Family Training and Workshops

Family Recovery Coaching

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