After battling with the disease of addiction for over 20 years, I started my journey on the road to recovery in 1996. S.T.E.P. Intervention services was established in 2007 from an inner passion and desire to help individuals and families that are searching for a way out. I facilitate adolescent and adult interventions. With a commitment of the heart and professionalism, I have the ability to communicate and demonstrate compassion and strength at the same time. I became a member of AIS in 2009 and in 2012, I was appointed a seat on the board of AIS. “Certified by OCDPB with CDCA (Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant)

Trained in The Family Meeting Approach by Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery

Certified Intervention Professional (C.I.P.) by the Pennsylvania Certification Board

The Family Meeting Approach is S.T.E.P. Intervention Services’ most frequently used style of Intervention. Depending on the family dynamics, a variety and/or combination of methods/styles, (Johnson, Arise, Systemic), are used tailored specifically for each family to obtain a successful outcome.

“S.T.E.P. Intervention Services facilitate Alcohol/Drug, Gambling, Eating Disorder, Sex, and Gaming Interventions for teens and adults.

S.TE.P. Intervention Services Specialize in Adolescent and Young Adult (18-30), Interventions” S.T.E.P. Intevention Services will facilitate interventions throughout the United States of America. In addition to interventions, S.T.E.P. Intervention Services will offer sober transportation, making sure your loved one gets from point A,(Intervention), to point B,(Treatment).