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Shari Ferguson | AIS

Shari Ferguson

Inspire Interventions

Cardiff by the Sea
Ca 92007

(310) 951-3717

I have worked in the addiction industry helping families and their loved ones find recovery for over 11 years in varying capacities. It was while working in the admissions department for one of the top treatment centers in the country that I fell in love with helping addicts. I consider it a gift to be able to help families and their loved one make one of the most important and scariest changes in their lives. It does not need to get worse before you get the guidance you need to help your family member.  You don’t need to wait for your loved one to “hit rock bottom”. That is why you hire an interventionist. We enable you to help your loved one realize now is the time to accept the love and help being offered.

I understand this issue from both sides – as someone who struggled with depression and addiction on whom my family intervened, and as a loved one, who with the help of an interventionist facilitated an intervention on an individual in crisis. Neither position was an easy one to be in and I am grateful I had the help of an interventionist in both cases. You can too.

Not only does an intervention help those you love find recovery, with guidance your whole family can begin to heal, reconnect and communicate in a healthy way. It is because of my own experience that I am dedicated to passing on the gift of recovery. Interventions work.

I am a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) with the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

I have trained with Judith Landau, the ARISE Model, John Southworth, the Johnson Model, Jane Mintz, the Field Model and with Brad Lamm, the Breakthrough Intervention Model.

I believe treatment is a gift and  families with guidance and the power of a group have the ability to inspire their loved one to accept the help being offered.  My style of intervention is a blend of the best elements intervention models have to offer based upon the unique needs of the individual family and the loved one’s situation, behavior, and treatment needs.

  • The ARISE Intervention Model involves family members in a collaborative intervention process that reduces guilt and blame and allows the family, interventionist, and dependent person to stay focused on helping the addict get into treatment.
  • The Field Model of Intervention (FMI)
FMI is a clinically based model of intervention. It comprehensively covers all aspects of interventions with complex addiction and behavioral health clients and their families. FMI specifically targets the clinical underpinnings of the complex addiction and behavioral health client and their families.

I provide interventions for families and employers struggling with a loved one’s or employee’s issues with:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction
  • Crisis interventions
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • “”Process”” or “”behavioral”” addictions
  • Trauma
  • Other life issues

Based in San Diego I will facilitate interventions throughout the United States, and internationally.

Continuing Care, Assessment And Treatment Placement Services

As an independent interventionist, I do not accept compensation from treatment centers for client placement, which allows me to best determine appropriate facilities in an unbiased, ethical manner.

Treatment placement is offered as part of Intervention Services as well as separately.  We work with treatment centers all over the country and consult and provide guidance to the best match in treatment facilities for their needs.

Continuing Care begins when the addicted individual enters treatment and lasts for 6 months. The goal is to inspire individual and family healing and recovery while encouraging communication. If possible, it includes the family and individual becoming involved in a 12-step program. Inspire Interventions continuing care focuses on working with the intervention network and addicted individual to prevent relapse, initiate long-term recovery, and complete the work towards family healing and recovery. The recovery process is not just for the addicted individual. The entire network will make a commitment to the process of recovery. That will include addiction education, therapy (if appropriate), and weekly follow up with your network. This ensures personal growth, behavioral changes, and continuing communication for the addicted individual and family to lessens the chance of relapse. Referrals for individual, couples and family therapy will be made when appropriate.