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Ryan Gartrell | AIS

Ryan Gartrell


Spearhead Health


Since 2015, I have worked without interruption in residential and outpatient facilities offering mental health and substance use disorder treatment. I am established in Southern California, happily married, and a leader within my recovery community. I additionally have well developed ties in both New York and the Southeast fully resourceful in finding the best locations around the country for placing individuals and their families with the most expert care available.

My education, training and experience in counseling every range of individual as well as intervening in the severest circumstances surrounding mental health problems and drug and alcohol addiction prepares me for all cases requiring attention.

The variety of counseling methods I employ include solution focused and client centered techniques that hone in on the thoughts, feelings and behaviors troubling families and their loved ones in crisis. As a committed person in recovery, I understand the confusion and hopelessness that can exist in many people’s lives devastated by addiction and mental health challenges.

I am practiced at the common and established intervention techniques with a nationally recognized certification in interventions. My counseling credential and network of the highest quality professionals in the field can create successful outcomes for every mental health or addiction dilemma.

The common types of intervention styles I use for selection include: Simple, Classical (Johnson Model), Family System Intervention, Crisis Intervention (impromptu and tough love), and the Invitational Model. At times, I use a variety of points drawn from each intervention style. Doing this allows me to offer care for the unique needs of all families.