I’ve worked in all aspects of the treatment industry. I have owned and operated several successful sober living facilities and a treatment center while living in Arizona that I helped create from start to finish. I have an extensive history of sober coaching clients. I have been working with some of my clients off and on over the course of several years. While working with these clients I create individualized programs for them and integrate family work as well. I have worked with the court systems in regards to some of my clients and follow up with case management on a continuous basis. I have found my true passion while performing interventions. I have been told that one of my strongest assets is being able to connect with clients when they are at their lowest. I am a firm believer in treating the family as a whole and because that builds a strong foundation of support for my clients.

Training and Credentials: CIP, CPI, CTP, AIS

Intervention Style: Family focused and Trauma Focused