Hi my name is Joani Gammill.

I have been doing alcohol/drug and process (gambling/sex/eating disorders and other interventions) for 13 years. I am a former RN, no longer carrying my license, but I did work as a nurse in an alcohol and drug rehab for 7 years before doing interventions. I love my work. Beyond my professional experience my family participated in an intervention that saved my life.

I have written two books, The Interventionist and PainKillers Heroin and The Road to Sanity, both published by Hazelden. My capabilities at being a very effectual interventionist come from both my professional and personal experience. I tell my teens every day, if your job gives you a feeling of making a difference in this world you are a lucky person. I feel lucky and blessed.

Please reach out, I will help you.


Joani Gammill AIS