Background Bio: Heather is triple board certified, specializing in three specific areas; intervention, family dynamics, and relapse prevention. In her private practice she conducts screenings, assessments, interventions, acute transport and corrective coaching. She also serves as an expert witness in the areas of addiction and co-occurring mental illness. She is known for successful outcomes in the most complicated cases. As a leading authority in negotiating change and recovery, she incorporates motivational techniques such as tactical empathy and emotional intelligence combined with enthusiasm, humor and warmth while preserving the privacy, dignity, and respect of her clients. She has extensive experience working with individuals struggling with substance and behavioral addictions, mood disorders, legacy issues and family burnout. Her success comes from a strong belief that it’s not just about getting someone into treatment. It’s about getting the family back on the same page.

Trainings and Credentials: CADC, CIP, CAIi, CRS, CCMI

Types of Intervention: Heather is well versed in multiple approaches, including Johnson, Arise, Family and Crisis intervention in such cases involving mental health, substance use disorder and process addictions, ie. disordered eating, spending, gambling, gaming and life transitions.

YouTube Channel: Heather Helps