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Evan Amarni, MS, LAADC-CA, CIP | AIS

Evan Amarni


Footprints of Serenity

​Direct Cell: (818) 433-8835
Admissions: (818) 433-8345

CEO/Executive Director

Evan Amarni holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, he is a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor in California, as well as, an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ICADC) with IC & RC, furthermore he is a Certified Intervention Professional. He has been working in the Behavioral Health Profession for over 14 years. Starting in the non-profit sector of the treatment profession, Evan worked with the criminal justice population for 8 years helping individuals being released from incarceration improve their quality of life, find low-cost services to meet their needs, and reduce recidivism. Mr. Amarni then shifted to the for-profit sector and has held various positions.

He has held various positions as a Board Member for the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) as he believes in being of service to his profession and others. His diverse experience informs his work with families, and identified loved ones, during the intervention process, remaining culturally sensitive and aware. In a loving and compassionate way, he helps empower the family to set boundaries for themselves and move towards homeostasis. This experience assists in bringing balance back to the family system, and helps to achieve the ultimate goal of saving lives. He is trained in, both, the “surprise” and “invitational” approaches of interventions and is available to fly nationally and internationally.

  • Trained in the Breakfree Intervention Model and CANAM Intervention Model CIP #I0274, LAADC-CA #LCi0071114
  • Invitational or Surprise
  • Mental Health and Addiction

Multi Concept Recovery

​(818) 433-8835 — Direct Cell
(818) 433-8345 – Admissions
(812) 954-0711 – Fax