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Eric Rhinehart | AIS

Eric Rhinehart


ER Interventions and Therapy Services

4907 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117


Eric is the founder and CEO of ER Interventions and Therapy Services based in San Diego, CA.  Although many of my interventions are in California, I often provide interventions all throughout the country and am willing to perform interventions internationally. Eric is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT 93404), Master’s Level Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (LAADC LR02150816), Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ICAADC), Certified Intervention Professional (CIP 10261), and Certified Case Manager Interventionist Masters Level.  For the last 20 years, Eric has been driven to assist others in the battle against the disease of addiction. His own personal experience with a family member’s battle with addiction drives his passion to help other families in their journey to recovery. Eric views the intervention process as a loving and caring way of helping families and their loved ones break the cycle of addiction. He believes his genuine and authentic approach allows him to connect with and meet family members where they are emotionally.

Eric uses person-centered, evidence based and systems-based practices in working with loved ones and their families to facilitate changes to promote recovery. He strongly believes that intervention is the changing of the entire family system, so each family member can make positive changes to better themselves. He feels that the intervention process is just the beginning of creating a physically and emotionally healthy family system. Eric uses his systems-based approach to help the family learn their roles, create new ones and to educate on healthy and unhealthy boundaries. He believes this helps mend the pain caused by addiction. Eric truly believes the family is one of, if not the most crucial part in a loved one’s addiction. By changing the family system, the person suffering from addiction and the family are more likely to be successful in their own long term recovery process. Eric strives for complete recovery for the entire family system.

I most often use the Johnson Model of intervention, as I feel the surprise model of intervention works very well. Moreover, when deemed clinically appropriate I use an invitational approach when working with individuals suffering from extensive trauma and often with adolescents. I utilize my clinical training and judgement to determine what approach works best with each individual client as each situation is different.  As an LMFT that is experienced in systems-based practices, I often employ a hybrid model of systemic intervention with individuals and families. I feel that working with the entire family system and creating foundational shifts/changes in the entire system is what best promotes long term sustainable recovery and sobriety.

In addition to working with adults this approach has also given Eric a foundation in working with children and adolescents whose loved ones have struggled with addiction. During his time at The Betty Ford Center, Eric worked as a Counselor in the Children’s and Family program where he used experiential activities to help children talk to their loved ones about how their addiction has affected them. He believes this process is extremely effective in helping people lessen the burden of addiction by getting rid of the rocks in their bag. Eric credits one of his mentors, Jerry Moe from the Betty Ford Center Children’s Program with teaching him this valuable strategy.  Eric decided to take this training, along with his clinical experience and Intervention training and mold it into his own Intervention style in working with addicted individuals and their families.

Types of interventions offered – Addiction, Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Gambling, etc.

I’m a strong believer in what came first the chicken or the egg and because of this I perform all types of interventions. Most of the interventions I’ve done involve AOD, Trauma and Mental Health, so therefore I feel that interventions are most done on people with co-occurring conditions. I also provide interventions for social media, video game, food, eating disorders, porn, sex and gambling.

Training and Credentials: LMFT, LAADC, ICAADC, CIP, CCMI-M.

Intervention Style: Surprise/Johnson Model, Invitational Approach, Systems Based Approach

Interventions provided all throughout the United States