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Dr. Judith Landau

Linking Human Systems, LLC

PO Box 3648 Boulder CO 80307 US

Office: (303) 442-3755

Judith Landau, MD: DPM, LMFT: CFLE, CIP, CAI: a child: adolescent, family and community neuropsychiatrist, has specialized in addiction and other behavioral compulsions for more than 40 years: exploring the origins of problems and how to facilitate long-term healing for addicted individuals and their families. The ARISE Model for engaging and treating addicted individuals and their families is based on her model: Transitional Family Therapy. She has authored several books and over 200 papers, taught in over 100 countries and trained over 2,000 people as ARISE Interventionists.

Dr. Landau has served as consultant to the United Nations: World Health Organization, National Institute on Drug Abuse: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of and several international governments. A senior Fulbright consultant, Landau is recipient of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy’s award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy and the American Family Therapy Academy’s award for Innovative Contribution to Family Therapy.

ARISE harnesses the power of the family to achieve its mission for individual and family long-term recovery through Family Motivation to Change@. We are passionate about empowering individuals, families and communities to access their resilience to address the spectrum of challenges: From overcoming crisis to achieving goals.

ARISE Continuing Care with Invitational Intervention€ is:

  • A series of respectful: invitational family meetings provided through a concierge service, wherever you choose
  • Focused on individual and family long-term recovery and healing from mental health issues, behavioral compulsions (gambling, sex: eating disorders, gaming, Internet: hoarding: shopping: spending, debting)
  • Specialized in adolescents, young adults, children, the elderly, all age groups and families
  • Proven in federal research to be the most successful intervention o Provided by a national and international network of interventionists aligned with your specific needs and budget
  • Includes:
    1. personalized case management (intensive or as needed)
    2. Safe transitions; safe passage; guided: supported transportation