Upon leaving the rehab for his own battle with drug addiction, Daniel continued to return for the next six months to volunteer there. His desire to help other people with their addictions is something that continues to this day. In 2008 Daniel volunteered for Drugsline having passed their 6 week phone counselling training.

In December 2009 he left his job in the City at the same time as a close family member admitted to being an alcoholic. He accompanied her to meetings, and found her a psychotherapist specialising in addiction. Throughout this time he was a pillar of support for the rest of the family who highlighted to him how this was clearly his natural calling, although for him at the time it was tides apart from the direction he wanted to follow. Daniel enrolled in a Counselling and Psychotherapy certification course at the renowned Regents College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. After completing the foundation degree, Daniel started an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling at the Minster Centre. Whilst studying, he learnt more about the process behind helping someone to accept treatment and started training as an Interventionist, rendering it necessary to take a sabbatical from his MA.

Daniel is a board registered certified Interventionist with the relevant qualifications from the Pennsylvanian Certification Board www.pacertboard.org and a member of Association of Intervention Specialists He is also an accredited member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals. Daniel has subsequently discovered how comfortable he is working in this environment and drawing on his previous history working with internet companies, he set up Addiction Helper. This was designed as a source of information and support for friends and family of those in the grips of addiction.

Daniel has spent many 1000’s of hours working with addicts. His interventions thus far have a 95% success rate and provide an 80% higher probability of long-term recovery. Daniel continues to actively work the 12 step programme for himself which means he is still very much in touch with the importance of the process. His overall goal remains to help those whose lives are being torn apart by addiction.