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What an Intervention is not

We work to meet a client where they are in the process of change to explore the relationship between themselves, their world, and their addiction-related issues. In working closely with people suffering with addiction, we have witnessed countless failed attempts to intervene on someone struggling with addiction. Out of this awareness came a focused effort to develop an evidence-based approach to enhancing the probability of a successful intervention. Many misconceptions have developed over what interventions achieve and how they work.

Intervention to us is:

  • Not coercive.
  • Not shame-based.
  • Not hurtful or angry.
  • It is not an ambush or an uncaring attack.
  • It is a planned interaction between an individual and a group whose sole purpose is to modify the individuals dependence on a harmful substance or practice.
  • It is a process of invitation, education and preparing family and friends who make the commitment to initiate change in a loved one’s or coworkers life.
  • The goal is to return to healthy, productive living for addicts and their families.
  • The truth is that Intervention is a process founded on love and honesty.

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