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AIS Membership Criteria

Full Member

A professional meeting the following criteria shall be considered a practicing interventionist eligible for Full membership in the Association:

  1. Has professionally conducted and/or assisted with interventions in connection with addictive illness on a regular basis for the past two calendar years, and anticipates that regular participation in structured interventions will continue to be a primary focus of his/her professional career;
  2. Is currently certified or licensed by an accredited state or national organization in any field relating to mental health or addictive illness;
  3. Can document successful completion of a recognized intervention model such as ARISE, Johnson, or Family systemic;
  4. Is currently registered with the International Interventionists Credentialing Board (IICB) in good standing and provides current documentation;
  5. Provides proof of current malpractice insurance in an amount totaling no less than three million dollars ($3,000,000);
  6. In order to maintain full membership status the member must attend a minimum of one AIS meeting every two years.
Candidate Member

A professional meeting the following criteria and abiding by the following guidelines shall be considered a Candidate member in the association after completing an application and paying dues.

  1. Has some knowledge of or interest in addictive illness with a focus on interventions;
  2. Completes a written commitment to support the Association’s mission statement and abide by the IICB Code of Ethics;
  3. Agrees not to use AIS initials after their name or claim membership other than “Candidate” status;
  4. May attend all AIS meetings at own expense;
  5. Has no voting privileges;
  6. May attend but not participate in Board meetings and closing sessions or any other session identified by the President;
  7. Candidate members must be registered and in good standing with the AISCB within three (3) years of becoming a candidate and can not reapply for two (2) years.
Emeritus Member

This is a voting membership category. Any full member who is in good standing that retires from actively conducting interventions or takes a sabbatical may apply for Emeritus status.

  1. The member may apply to the Membership Committee in writing their intent and date to retire or takes a sabbatical from conducting interventions;
  2. The Emeritus members shall retain all rights and privileges of Full members and are not required to attend any number of meetings;
  3. An Emeritus member shall only pay 50% of what Full members pay;
  4. Agrees not to use the AIS initials after their name;
  5. Emeritus members need not continue to be registered with the IICB.

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Full Member Information


Work experience related to intervention; where you have worked, when, and what duties you performed.

Training / Credentials

Training and/or educational experiences related to intervention, degrees, licenses, etc.

Style of Intervention

Brief statement of philosophy.

Types of Interventions offered

Alcohol/Drug, Eating Disorders, Sexual Trauma, etc.

Geographical Locations

Areas where you will facilitate interventions.

Other services offered

List any other services you offer.

Other pertinent information

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Tondra Frisby – CDCA, CIP

Tondra Frisby – CDCA, CIP

S.T.E.P Intervention Services
(419) 202-0020


Angela Pugh

Jim Geckler


Please contact any team member for help, comments, questions or concerns.


11380 Prosperity Farms Rd., Suite 209A
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
(561) 408-2759

For AIS Information Contact:

Nate Kasper