Association of Intervention Specialists


Association of Intervention Specialists Board

Implementing the Board is important to ensure members of AIS are conducting themselves in a manner appropriate to our mission statement and code of ethics. Professional and ethical conduct is most important to AIS. This will create a healthy organization with skilled practitioners utilizing state of the art approaches to provide successful intervention services with purposeful practice and integrity.

Board Chair - Phil Scherer
Vice Chair -Pat Breshears
Secretary – Rebecca Mowen
Treasurer – Rebecca Flood

Ethics Chair – Woody Giessmann
Membership Chair – Tondra Frisby
Program Chair – Jamie Eater
Site Chair – Keith Fierman
Public Relations – John Southworth

Member-At-Large – Dr. Louise Stanger
Member-At-Large – Julian Pickens
Member-At-Large – Jerry Law
Member-At-Large – Bill Stevens
Member-At-Large – Lee Fitzgerald
Member-At-Large – Brad Lamm

Past Board Chair - Rebecca Flood

2015 Fall Conference