Association of Intervention Specialists

The Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS) is a network of interventionists located throughout the country and abroad.

Members guide families and friends, business executives, and others through the intervention process whereby a person addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs and compulsive behaviors is encouraged to accept help.

All full members are Certified Intervention Professionals, thereby meeting or exceeding educational and performance standards. All members adhere to the AIS Code of Ethics as listed on this website AIS Code of Ethics.

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What is ARISE®?

Judith Landau and co-developers implement ‘power of family’ in strong Intervention Model Recognized by industry leaders as the original Invitational Intervention protocol, A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement (the ARISE® Intervention) is an Evidence-Based, Best-Practice method of Intervention that harnesses the power of the family to achieve its mission for individual and…

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Five consistent myths about Drug Abuse and Addiction

Oftentimes, we find that people are unsure about their abilities to overcome addiction because of their perceptions of what addiction really is. These commonly accepted myths can be disheartening – but you can overcome this way of thinking by understanding the truth of recovery. Here, we’ll shed some light on…

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What is the Family Systemic Model?

An addict’s dangerous and deadly behaviors not only affect themselves but they also affect the family members around them. Some of the side effects of an addiction can include, but are not limited to: Depression Aggression Weight Loss/Gain Suicidal Impulsiveness Manic behavior Did you know, though, that many of these…

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What is the Johnson Model?

In the 1960′s there was an Episcopal priest who was interested in studying addiction as well as a way to stop it. The main concern of this priest was to prevent death by addiction. Vernon Johnson was the Episcopal priest who made it his life goal to help all addicts…

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